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quarta-feira, 15 de maio de 2019

RTY - Rolled Throughput Yeld (En)

The RTY is a measure similar to the FTT, but is interpreted as a production characteristic or the reason / quality of an information system without being deprecated by some characteristic.

Thus, for example, a product for the period in a yield of 93%, it can be said that 93% of the time in which the product is manufactured, will be compliant. Your calculation is a different one from FTT.

Need two measurements for a final gauge type? The two measures are unit defects (DPU) and inspection defects (DPI).

Defects per unit (DPU) can be calculated as:

 (Defect per unit) / (total number of units)

 Inspection defects (DPI) can be calculated as:

 (DPU) / (Number of inspections made) The RTY is then calculated as:

 R 2 = [(1-DPI) (z)] (n) Where z = number of inspections made n = number of steps n. the production process or the service delivery process.

 Another way of calculating the RTY to which the application of defects already determined for each characteristic is not applicable is as follows:

 RTY = e ^ (- DPU), or exponential of the number of defects, divided by the number of units.

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