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quinta-feira, 9 de maio de 2019

How communication failures can hinder the outcome of a process

The video below shows clearly what happens in the transmission of a message. From one person to another, information is lost, altered and / or not transmitted properly. Does this happen in your company?

Very satisfactory, the Meta Group gives us 4 tips for good business communication. More at:

Often betting on multiple channels to communicate with the internal audience can have opposite effects to the desired ones. According to the behavior and preference of the collaborators, some means have enough effectiveness - and others not so much. This can lead to a delay in passing information. Do an internal search and find out which channel your internal collaborators interact with best. There are options both online and offline, that is, you have the option to choose the one that best suits your reality. One way to strengthen communication within the company is to establish an internal corporate social network so that employees can talk. In addition, it is important to facilitate the exchange of data on a channel that everyone is familiar with (such as digital platforms) to prevent someone from being integrated.

Establishing a communication channel is not enough, you need to prevent restricted groups from being formed. They can create their own way of informing themselves, which creates disharmony with other collaborators. Therefore, it is fundamental to value integration among sectors. If possible, hold meetings where representatives from each area are present and make major transfers. Then it is necessary for this area leader to hold a meeting with his subordinates and clarify all points together.

 One of the biggest problems of internal communication is when it works only for coordinators, managers and area heads. If it is unilateral, it will not be effective. It should be remembered that all employees are an essential part of the company's constitution. Therefore, it is essential to listen to them to avoid flaws, gossip and also misunderstandings. Make room for them to express themselves, ask them what can be improved, and what are the flaws they see in company communication. Do not forget to value this point, because in addition to motivating and engaging them, you will avoid distorted or incomplete messages.

 Clarity in passing a message is key, right? Therefore, adopt a language that all employees of the company understand, from experts to learners. This shows the company's concern with employees. In fact, this posture avoids noise, disagreements between teams and also misunderstandings about the message. That is, everyone will know at the same time what is happening and in a standardized way. A failure in internal communication can bring several problems for the company, as already mentioned, in addition to creating divisions between the employees themselves. Therefore, it is fundamental to understand the best way to talk to your employees and put this into practice.

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