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terça-feira, 14 de maio de 2019

How does Toyota bake a potato?

5 steps:

 -Pre-heats a new, high-reliability oven at 350 ° C.
 -Insert 1 kg of Idaho potatoes (the best).
 - Go out to do something productive for the next 45 minutes.
 -Check if you're 'on point'.
 -Remove the perfectly roasted baked potatoes and serve at the table.

 How does GM or Ford bake a potato ???

 - Performs bidding on the market with suppliers from Mexico, Brazil and Tajikistan, to supply 0.75 kg of potatoes, chooses the lowest price, and records the gain on the spreadsheet of the company's cost reduction committee.
 -Returns with the Idaho supplier and insists that he maintains the price of the Tajik supplier and that he still has a 3% annual price reduction. The Idaho supplier does not accept, and is removed from the list of approved suppliers of the company due to poor business relationship.
 -Increases the amount to 1 kg when it discovers that Toyota uses 1 kg, but insists that the supplier maintains the previous price.
 - Ask the potato supplier to preheat the oven to 350 ° C.
 -It requires the supplier to demonstrate how he turned the oven knob to 350 ° C and to furnish documentation from the oven manufacturer proving that it was properly calibrated.
 -Regards the documentation, and requires the supplier (of potatoes) to monitor the temperature of the oven with a next-generation thermocouple, with definition up to the second decimal place.
 -Teaches the supplier to insert the potatoes and set the 'timer' to 45 minutes.
 - Ask the vendor to open the oven to see if the potatoes have been properly arranged inside the oven and ask for a study to see if 45 minutes is the ideal time to bake potatoes of this size and with that orientation in relation to the oven.
 -It gives a 6Sigma study showing the variation of cooking time for various sizes and potato orientations. -Check if the potatoes are roasted every 3 minutes.
 -You get impatient with the supplier (of potatoes), why do these simple potatoes take so long to bake? Request a "Status Report" every 5 minutes.
 - Conducts tests of new markets.
- Change the amount to 0.9 kg of potatoes, since the customer can only perceive variations of weight below 0.85 kg. -Check if the potatoes are roasted.
-35 minutes later, he concludes that the potatoes are almost ready. The Company's New Projects Coordinator (readness), which accompanies the Supplier Quality Engineer responsible for potato approval (PAPP) issues a lot of documents confirming that everything is going well and that it will be able to meet the goal within the prescribed period.
 - Thank the supplier, and then tell the boss about the excellent work that is being done, even with the adversities encountered due to the poor companionship of the supplier.
 -Removes the potatoes after 40 min, and features a 'saving' of 5 minutes without damaging the quality of the product. It requires from the supplier a price reduction due to the shorter process time, and records the gain on the company's cost reduction committee spreadsheet. Then he asks himself, "How do the damned Japanese do to get a tastier, cheaper and more customer-friendly potato like Toyota's potatoes?!?!?

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